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Cypress Bulk Mulch

Mulch Smart's 100% virgin Cypress bulk mulch serves as one of our most
desired products. Landscapers and gardeners consider this all-natural
forest product to be the highest standard among landscape mulch products.
Our Cypress mulch is a unique product that possesses the finest qualities given
its durability, pleasant smell, and attractiveness. And due to its natural matting
properties, you can put it almost anywhere, even on slopes and graded areas.

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Do you have a large project you're planning for mulch in Kansas City?
Whether you're looking for cypress bulk mulch or something else, give us a call
for free consultations and estimates. If you're interested in placing top soil around
your foundation to help with drainage and standing water issues, please call us
before you make a purchase. Top soil is often the last piece in the water drainage puzzle.

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