Super Life Red

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*SUPER-LIFE RED Super-Life Red is part of the landscaping at many commercial properties as well as residential homes across the Kansas City Metro area. It is the longest lasting red mulch in town! It has been made exclusively for MULCH SMART, so it is only available through us. It is made from 100% oak and has a nice even texture that is a mixture of chips and shreds. We achieve a bright red color using the highest quality colorant available, so it won't fade very quickly at all. In fact, we guarantee that the color will last spring through fall without fading! This product will be 2 to 3 times longer lasting than a typical shredded mulch.
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*Note: MULCH SMART recommends to every customer ordering a colorized product for delivery, that they have a tarp laid out on their driveway where the mulch is to be dropped. If the mulch is delivered without a tarp down, it will stain your driveway.

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